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Exploring New Frontiers


Creating elevated dining experiences

Say goodbye to indifference and hello to a burst of new flavours...

Taking regional flavours to the mainstream

Nobody understands diversity like us Indians, and food is the perfect canvas to showcase the variety of flavours, exciting ingredients and sheer variety from across our lands

Locally sourced, supporting small and medium farms

Our belief in Indian products extends to our sourcing practices with produce like our coffees being sourced locally from small and medium farms and processed to meet our standards

The sustainable choice

Sustainability drives the core of our operations, from sourcing to product packaging and retail we explore every opportunity to lighten the burden on planet Earth


Our coffees are an ode to the true spirit of the world's favourite brew. Harking back to the legend of Kaldi and his goats, that are widely credited with discovering the bean that is loved by us all. Our coffees are sourced from sustainable small and medium estates from South India and are responsibly processed.

In the spirit of true simplicity we pick our coffees to reflect our passion for the bean and offer one micro-lot at the time to make it easy to pick and savour. We aim to ensure an uncluttered coffee experience and our coffees are not just freshly roasted and ground but are selected for their delicate yet distinct flavours. Enjoy our blends responsibly and pass on the experience to the people you love!




Drip Pour-over Bags

Medium Roast

Rs. 380*

Coffee roast and ground for manual brewing


Rs. 500*

Filter coffee powder

Authentic filter coffee

Rs. 350*

Wines AT Trippy Goat

Trippy Goat is arguably India's first wine taste and buy concept targeted at the mainstream Indian wine drinker. The wines were handpicked to ensure that first time or novice wine drinkers as well as seasoned wine aficionado's had a fair selection of labels to pick from. The environment being casual promoted discovery and an interactive platform for wine brands to engage with wine enthusiasts.

Trippy Goat has over a short span of three years hosted well over a hundred wine tasting and food pairing events, tables and experiences which has positioned the brand as a wine connoisseur's delight.

Trippy Goat Labels

Limited edition barrel aged wines

  • Trippy 40
  • Trippy Goat Syrah
  • The Trippy collection


Wine tasting with Cloudy Bay

Multi-tiered canopy in a coffee plantation in Coorg

Coffee Blossom


A spread curated to perfection!

Delectable Pizza’s


Culinary Experiences

Trippy Goat is all about curating unique experiences that endear us to our customers, partners and friends across the industry. We work closely with the farming community, with chefs, wine companies, bakers and others to bring the latest food trends to our tables and pair them with exclusive wines and coffees. Over 50 wine and coffee experiences and 2000 odd customers are a testament to our dedication to innovation and fun dining concepts.

Hand Pouring Coffee into Mug with Milk

Creating flavours that leave a lasting after-taste of goodness. Made with organic dough, and freshly picked produce

What people like!

Madhu Bhandary

Coffee Aficionado

The finest coffees in Bangalore, probably in all of India. The coffees are manually brewed the blends always consistent, flavourful and a refreshing change from over-hyped speciality coffees

Avinash Murali


A classy place with some really good food. Trippy Goat has always been a fun place with fun vibes and is value for money to boot!

Peter D'souza

Wine Enthusiast

India's finest wine bar for sure! the wines are always carefully curated, well priced and the wine dinners are never to be missed

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